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Friday, January 19, 2018


HydroSystems•KDI will work closely with the Client or Design Firms Project Manager to insure successful communication and project coordination in the design and/or draft of conceptual, preliminary and final construction plans. HydroSystems•KDI will dedicate a client contact to facilitate all communication about the project  via meetings, conference calls or written communication.  This communication, with the Project Manager, will relate to outlining the scope of work, establish a project schedule, clarify our teams participation, identify issues related to the scope of work, any coordination required with other consultants and engineers, issue resolution and project updates.


HydroSystems•KDI will provide services of, but not limited to:
•    Irrigation system design (schematic, design development and construction) documents, removals documentation or Demo plans,  renovation re-design and documentation, design –build plans and specifications, general notes, specifications, construction notes and details suitable for construction,  plan quantities, cost estimates.
•    Bid Period and Construction Administration Services, Construction Observation Services.  
•    Irrigation system evalution and Water audits
•    Irrigation system pump and mechicancal designs (booster pumps, wet well and pump station), specifications and details
•     water feature mechanical system designs, specifications and details
•    GPS location for existing equipment inventory and as-built plans

HydroSystems•KDI  has a  committed staff of nine designers to be available to team on the projects presented by our clients and team size will depend on the project size and schedule requirements. Our commitment of staff to your projects will be a top priority throughout the contract period.


Irrigation Design:
HydroSystems•KDI recognizes that the project starts will generally have time constraints, so immediately after notification of contract, we would propose a kick off meeting  with project manager and  staff to review and establish or define the scope and set some time lines of progress and to discuss schedule for submittals. In some cases a site visit is required to help determine existing irrigation conditions and that will be coordinated by our staff and accomplished within the restraints of the project schedule. Throughout the design process, we will be in regular communications with project manager and staff, comfirming and receiving new directions, making any coordination efforts with other engineering firms  and discussing the progress of the project.  Progress sets of plans are sent to clints staff for preliminary review prior to final submittals.  Once submitted for client or city reviews, we will deal with all comments and finalize plans.


Bid Period and Constuction Administration Services:
HydroSystems•KDI has experienced staff that has been involved in the construction industry and brings that field experience to our service offering of bid period and construction administration and observation.  As optional services that can be coupled with our design package, we offer these services to insures that the project is installed per plan and specifications  protecting  the best interest of the client.


Bid Period services:
•    Addendum and Phone Conversation Documentation - HydroSystems•KDI attend pre-bid meeting, will address all Contractor questions during the bid process and issue addendum if required.  All phone conversations with Contractors will be documented and provided to the client prior to bid opening.
Construction Administration services:
•    Pre-Construction meeting - HydroSystems•KDI attend pre-con meeting with client and contractor, will address all Contractor questions and outline expectations and site visit schedules.
•    Shop Drawing and Submittal Review - HydroSystems•KDI will review, and approve if acceptable, all shop drawing and material submittals that pertain to the irrigation system installation.
•    Site Visits - HydroSystems•KDI will visit the site a determined number of times during construction to ensure that work is being performed per drawings and specifications.  A site report will be generated and distributed to all concerned parties.
•    Preliminary Acceptance Walk-through - HydroSystems•KDI will schedule and conduct a preliminary irrigation system walk-through with the Contractor and Client.  A punchlist will be generated and distributed to all concerned parties. A final walk-through will be scheduled only if requested to ensure that all punchlist items have been addressed and corrected.


Irrigation System Evaluations and Water Audits:
HydroSystems•KDI has extensive experience in collecting field data, evaluating it and preparing written reports summarizing the information collected.  Cost projections can be prepared and will be used to help set priorities and determine the funding levels needed.


Irrigation System Evaluations
•    Many property managers are faced with sites that have outdated irrigation systems which require significant maintenance to keep operating and uses more water than they should. HydroSystems•KDI can be brought in as an independent party to evaluate and report on the current state of the existing system. Our site evaluation report details and outlines operating pressures, zone by zone account of sprinkler spacing and proformances, wiring integrity, equipement condition, pipe and fitting reliablity, current maintenance cost evaluation and safty concerns. Recommendations for revamp or replacement of the system are made and cost estimates are provided to help you make the proper dicisons to update your irrigation system and start saving money.


Water Audits
Complete water audits of existing or new irrigation systems can be preformed by our IA Certified staff .  With increasing city requirements for water audits required on new irrigation installations for final project CO’s, HydroSystems•KDI can be brought in as an independent party to audit and furnish a comprensive report detailing and outlining operating pressures, sprinkler head distribution of uniformity and DU measurements,  zone by zone.  Verify system installation per plans, furish an account of sprinkler spacing and proformances.



Irrigation System Pump and Mechicancal Designs
HydroSystems•KDI has several years of experience in designing  irrigation system booster pumps for domestic systems with low pressures , wet well and pumping  station for sites that have water rights that allow water storage to be used as the main water source and pump specifications and details.


•    Site Water Analysis - The main hydraulic component in irrigation system design is the identification of the water requirements to irrigate the site. HydroSystems●KDI will determine the irrigation water needs on a seasonal and peak season flow basis utilizing historical weather data for the project area.  This information will be utilized to assist in any sizing of the irrigation storage pond (to be done by the civil) and to determine the over all site water requirements and tap or pump size.    
•    Irrigation Pond and Pump Station Planning – HydroSystems●KDI will plan for build-out electrical service to proposed irrigation pond location. HydroSystems●KDI will assist in the preparation of the pond construction documents and evaluate inflow/outflow methods, peak season draw-down and the irrigation pump intake system.
•    Pump Station Mechanical Plans and Details - HydroSystems●KDI will prepare plan and elevation details for the pump station modifications.  Details will include all required elevations, enlargement details for any intricate construction and a floor plan layout for all equipment.  The diversion and intake system will be included in plan and elevation views.  Design build performance specifications will be included for the pump station enclosure.  Specifications will be coordinated with Project Architect as required.
•    Pump Station Electrical Plans and Details – HydroSystems●KDI will coordinate with electrical engineers to prepare electrical plans, specifications and details from the transformer set by local utility company. Electrical design will include service from transformer and all electrical requirements for the pump station and pump station enclosure.
•    Construction Estimate - HydroSystems●KDI will prepare a detailed irrigation pump station construction estimate from the 100% review submittal to be utilized in evaluating the final budget and Contractors bid information.  Estimate will be prepared utilizing historical contractor pricing from historical contractor pricing for projects of this scale.



Water Feature Mechanical System Designs:
HydroSystems•KDI has several years of experience in designing  water feature mechanical water recycling systems. We will coordinate with the water feature designer to understand the desired water flow effect and size the necessary pumping, filtering and electronic controls required.



GPS Services
HydroSystems•KDI has experienced GPS operators that can assist in the location of existing equipment inventory and as-builting irrigation systems.

•    Our process for data collection would include visiting the site, locationg the existing irrigation equipment (controllers, taps/backflows, control valves, flow sensors, quick coupler valves, wire splice boxes and any other visable materials) by using  GPS equipment. Normally we do not locate the sprinkler heads, but can be done upon request. Piping and all under ground equipment is not shown or located by us with this service.
•    Once the field location is done, we the take GPS information and transfer it into ACAD to show the exact equipment locations, to within plus or minus 1 foot. These plans can be used as As-Builts or can be used for the design of irrigation systems that are requiring retrofits due to new landscape designs or building additions.