Your Irrigation Consulting and Water Management Partner

Friday, January 19, 2018

Our goal at HSKDI is to provide a water conserving irrigation system. By reducing overall water consumption, we can provide tremendous savings potential to our clients. We have decades of experience focusing on the efficient use of irrigation. With the cost of water ever increasing, and no end in sight, the financial impact of conserving water is significant. Additionally, by ensuring the efficient use of irrigation resources, we optimize the overall health and beauty of plant material and trees.

Whether starting from a new installation or retrofitting an existing system, there are several different ways that we can help you.


System Evaluations

Many property managers are faced with sites that have outdated irrigation systems which require significant maintenance costs to keep the system operating and water bills that that continue to rise. HSKDI can be brought in as an independent party to evaluate and report on the current state of the irrigation system. Our site evaluation report details and outlines operating pressures, zone by zone account of sprinkler spacing and performance, wiring integrity, equipment condition, pipe and fitting reliability, current maintenance cost evaluation, water usage analysis and safety and liability issues. Recommendations for renovation or replacement of the system are made and cost estimates are provided to help you make the proper decisions to update your irrigation system and start saving money.


System Management

With the continuing rise of water rates, it is increasingly important to be water conserving in our landscapes. At HSKDI we have developed a process to help property owners, managers, and maintenance companies to become more efficient in the way that they operate and maintain their irrigation systems.

  1. Site Analysis

    1. Calculate projected water usage goals based on site conditions, acreage and location

    2. Calculate projected water use in gallons and dollars based on current rate structure

  2. Document Preparation

    1. Develop construction documents for new site or retrofit of existing system, based on evaluation recommendations

    2. Assist in bidding process

  3. Construction Administration

    1. Pre-construction meeting

    2. Verify proper installation of flow sensor, controller, weather sensor and any remote communication devices

    3. Set up controller for optimal irrigation performance

    4. Final walk through to ensure all components of the installation are operating properly prior to project completion

  4. Monitoring System

    1. Maximize water savings by managing controller programming changes

    2. Monitor alerts for system breaks and wiring failures

    3. Notify maintenance contractor of any issues that need to be fixed or corrected

    4. Avoid rain and freeze events

    5. Train and support maintenance staff

  5. Site Inspections

    1. Monthly site visits

    2. Identify broken heads and pipe to prevent damage and liability issues

    3. Track repairs and verify they have been completed

    4. Advise property owners/managers and maintenance personnel on system issues

  6. Reporting

    1. Provide monthly reports tracking gallons used compared to benchmark

    2. Provide monthly reports tracking water costs compared to benchmark

    3. Track identified repair items and repair and maintenance cost savings