Water Management

This process/services includes site analysis, construction observation, monitoring of the irrigation system, monthly site inspections, and monthly reporting of the irrigation system.

The goal of HydroSystems*KDI is to provide water conserving irrigation systems. By reducing overall water usage consumption, we can provide tremendous saving potential to our clients. We have developed a process/service to help property owners, managers and maintenance companies to become more efficient and therefore saving water consumption.

• Site analysis would include calculating the projected water usage goals based on the site conditions, acreage and location and also calculating the projected water use in gallons and dollars based on the current rate structure where the site is located.

• Construction observation would include attending the pre-construction meeting, verifying proper installation of the flow sensor, controller, weather sensor and any remote communications, assisting in the set up of the controller to ensure optimal irrigation performance and to conduct a final walk through of the irrigation installation to ensure all components of the installation operating and installed properly prior to project completion.

• Monitoring the irrigation system will allow for us to ensure that we are maximizing the water savings by managing the controller programming changes, monitoring the alerts for system breaks and wiring failures, allowing for us to notify the maintenance contractor of any issues that need to be fixed/corrected, helping to avoid rain and freeze events, and to help train and support the maintenance staff.

• Monthly site inspections will take place to help identify broken heads and piping to prevent damage and liability issues, to track repairs and verify these have been completed, and to advise property owners/managers and maintenance personnel on system issues.

• Monthly reporting will track the gallons used compared to a benchmark, tracking water costs compared to a benchmark, and tracking the identified repair items and repair & maintenance cost savings.

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